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Lab project data and code will appear at our GitHub organization: jmadinlab. Projects will generally be private until first publication.

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Dataset Registry

Datasets are made public following first publication. Datasets are stored in a number of ways, including online databases, FigShare, GitHub and our lab server. Below is a growing list of datasets. This list is currently incomplete and being worked on to make all lab products visible in one location.

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Name Contact Description Access
The Coral Trait Database Joshua Madin The Coral Trait Database is a growing compilation of scleractinian coral life history trait, phylogenetic and biogeographic data. As of today, there are 68494 coral observations with 106462 trait entries of 158 traits for 1548 coral species in the database. Most of these entries are for shallow-water, reef-building species. true
Bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait database Joshua Madin A synthesis of phenotypic and quantitative genomic traits is provided for bacteria and archaea, in the form of a scripted, reproducible workflow that standardizes and merges 26 sources. The resulting unified dataset covers 14 phenotypic traits, 5 quantitative genomic traits, and 4 environmental characteristics for approximately 170,000 strain-level and 15,000 species-aggregated records. It spans all habitats including soils, marine and fresh waters and sediments, host-associated and thermal. Trait data can find use in clarifying major dimensions of ecological strategy variation across species. They can also be used in conjunction with species and abundance sampling to characterize trait mixtures in communities and responses of traits along environmental gradients. true
Surface geometry Damaris Torres-Pulliza This dataset contains reef surface descriptors of coral reef (rugosity, fractal dimension and height range) for >500 reef patches at Lizard Island and corresponding species abundance and riches data for a subset of patches. true
Trimodal Demography Joshua Madin The Trimodal dataset contains growth, survival and reproduction data for 11 species of coral censused yearly for eight years. The data will be published in 2020. false